Snowy Peak

This little paradise on earth is located in one of the many valleys of the Bernese Highlands.

Lenght & Hiking Time

6.7 km | 2h30min

Ascent & Descent

681 meters | 52 meters

Camera Settings

ISO 500 | f11 | 1/13sec | 16mm


How get there

Arrival by bus from Meiringen or Grindelwald to the Hotel Rosenlaui in the wild and romantic Rosenlaui Valley. If you want, you can already spend the night here in the historic hotel in an impressive landscape with glaciers and alpine flowers. A visit to the Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is also worthwhile here.

I only recommend this hike if there is no snow. In this case a walk around the hotel is certainly pleasant!

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