Land of Elves

The smell of moss and the voices of elves that you may only imagine. An enchanted place that makes you feel you are in a fairy tale.

Lenght & Hiking Time

6.7 km | 2h30min

Ascent & Descent

681 meters | 52 meters

Camera Settings

ISO 500 | f11 | 1/13sec | 16mm


How get there

From the Airolo train stop, you can take bus 117 to Dalpe - Campiano. There, a pleasant walk among larch trees and moss begins immediately. In a few kilometres of walking you reach Boscobello, an oasis where you can also have a picnic! Remember, however, to keep everything as clean as you found it.
Continuing through the forest, you pass behind the Piumogna Alta waterfall and arrive back at Dalpe, where you can catch the bus from the Villaggio bus stop.

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