Morning Glow

Waking up early is absolutely one of the most difficult things for me. Sometimes, however, the effort brings its results! And what results! I took this picture at 06:30 AM and I swear, I still feel the calm of this beautiful city in the south of Switzerland.

Lenght & Hiking Time

3.8 km | 1h30min

Ascent & Descent

288 meters | 330 meters

Camera Settings

ISO 640 | f8 | 1/320sec | 70mm


How get there

It is possible to arrive comfortably from Lugano by bus to the 'Bidogno' stop in Treggia. From there, a path of a few kilometres leads to Rogià. The path through the Ticino woods is very pleasant and not too complicated. After eating a nice snack and also drinking a nice coffee with the mocca brought from home, you walk down to the Miera stop in Roveredo from where you can then take the bus back to Lugano.

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