Blue Hour at Saose0

I would say that this picture is the beginning of everything. I went to this lake without any idea about photography, composition, lights and even post production. I was fascinated from this Lake and I try to get there at least one time every Year. Everything started in this place.

Lenght & Hiking Time

15 km | 4h40min

Ascent & Descent

773 meters | 773 meters

Camera Settings

ISO 250 | f4 | 1/400sec | 70mm


How get there

At Sfazù, the hiking trail to Lake Saoseo begins. After 1h 20min on a comfortable gravel road, you reach the Saoseo hut, where you can take a break and enjoy some regional specialities. Afterwards, continue on to the Val Viola Lake, another hidden gem. Crossing Val di Campo you then descend to Lagh de Saoseo where you can admire the crystal-clear cobalt colours of the water. An enchanting place. You then return via the mountain path to Sfazù.

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