Just you, the mountains and million of stars!

I was thinking at this picture for a long time. Never had the courage to try but this Sommer with a friend I decided that it was time to achieve this goal! A lot of thing just went on the right way, but hey.. sometimes you need just to be lucky! By the way, you can admire this beauty also by the daylight, it worth it aswell!

Lenght & Hiking Time

3.2 km | 1h40min (only way up)

Ascent & Descent

496 meters | 82 meters

Camera Settings

ISO 4000 | f2.8 | 13sec | 16mm


How get there

The starting point is Rodi-Fiesso with the convenient cable car that will take you up to the Capanna Tremorgio.
From Tremorgio you can continue towards the Campolungo Pass. The region is rich in flora and fauna and particularly interesting from a geological point of view. Once you reach the little river, you can ascend to Lake Leit either from the left or the right. I recommend this hike during a weekend, so that you can stay in the comfortable Leit Hut. The lake is just a few minutes' walk behind the hut.

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