Sometimes you want to freeze a moment in order to fully enjoy the emotions you experience in that instant. Well, in this image you can feel the punctilious cold as well as the lightness of the fog and the warmth of the sun. All in a single instant.

Lenght & Hiking Time

4.6 km | 1h15min

Ascent & Descent

79 meters | 131 meters

Camera Settings

ISO 100 | f7.1 | 1/15sec | 24mm


How get there

From the St. Moritz railway station, the path leads along the lake and uphill past the cheese factory to the picturesque Lej da Staz. In addition to the excellent outdoor barbecue and picnic spots, nostalgic striped cabins and a jetty invite you to swim by the lake. There is also a small playground at the Lej da Staz restaurant. From Lake Staz, you can walk to Celerina or Pontresina and take the Rhaetian Railway or bus back to St. Moritz.

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