Glacial Feelings

A snowstorm was afflicting the entire southern part of Switzerland. I don't know why, but I felt that it would be over in a few hours and the clouds would clear. Arriving at Lago di Pian Doss, I found myself surrounded by this almost unreal silence and the softness of the snow just lying on the ground. An unforgettable snowshoe walk!

Lenght & Hiking Time

5.36 km | 2h30min

Ascent & Descent

218 meters | 218 meters

Camera Settings

ISO 100 | f2.8 | 45sec | 16mm


How get there

From the village, after reaching the Conchetta area, take the path parallel to the cross-country track. The comfortable path winds its way over mostly flat terrain and through the woods to the Pian Doss alp. After the alpine pasture, the trail turns left and through a side valley to the ski resort of Pian Cales. Carefully crossing the slopes, you finally descend back to the village. Once back in the village, it will be a pleasure to regain one's strength by tasting an excellent hot chocolate.

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